Business Networking International Review - Review on BNI

international networking
Business Networking International also referred to as BNI was founded by business consultant Ivan Misner in 1985. The business forms referral networking groups worldwide. These groups meet on a weekly basis and the objective to wait and become a member in a BNI group is to increase your referral business.

international networking

There are many benefits to joining a BNI networking chapter or any other networking group. The main reason anyone joins a networking group is to gain referrals and increase business. The larger your network will be the more business you are likely to create. Another great advantage of networking is the knowledge and information you will receive from other professionals in various different fields. Your presenting and public speaking skills will also improve with more experience.


There are several strict laws and regulations that members in BNI need to abide by. Some of these rules include: Only 1 member from each profession or industry are aloud in a BNI Chapter. You are only aloud to miss two meetings annually. Members of a designated chapter aren't aloud to visit other chapters. This is known as cross chapter networking.

Costs and Start-up

BNI recruits businesses to start chapter networking groups inside their community. The presidents receive training to start and run a networking group. Obama of the new chapter turns into a free membership for the first year of the group starting. The president position is rotated annually through an election process. The president does not receive any compensation for running the group. The membership cost for BNI members is $330 by having an additional first year registration fee of $100.


BNI is a huge very successful business model for several years and seems to be effective for small business owners to generate referrals. The only real problem that I see with BNI is their inability to pay the presidents running and manage the viewers. The presidents do a great deal of work soliciting and recruiting potential members on the group. They are benefiting for his or her business, however this requires a great deal of time away from them actually running their business.

There are lots of competitive business networking groups out their and BNI certainly is the largest networking organization out there. I would make sure to research diligently and pick the right networking group yourself.

There is a new business networking organization that is looking to revolutionize the networking arena. The Biz Society is founded on a social networking platform and pays their presidents 20% of membership. This organization allows any organization professional to start an organization in their area. They furnish them the tools and instruction on how to start and manage a successful group.